AddVolt’s non-invasive system makes your refrigerated van, truck, trailer or container greener and quieter!

AddVolt presents the World’s 1st Plug-in Electrical system targeted for transportation markets. With our technology, refrigeration trucks can perform their cold operation in electric mode, reducing diesel dependence, the level of noise, and CO2 emissions. AddVolt creates high and positive impacts on the drivers' quality of life, while it contributes to having eco-friendly vehicles.


How it Works

A non-invasive equipment, a remote control, a real time energy and location management dashboard. As simple as this.


AddVolt Plug-in Electric system attached to the truck


An easy to manage remote control placed inside the drivers cabin


Access to My AddVolt, which allows to monitor and manage the savings and carbon footprint of your vehicle using a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone

AddVolt enables the improvement of daily operations in an economical, social and environmental way


Able to enter in Low Emission Zones without restrictions.
Contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint in logistics.


Enables day and night access to cities.
No noise. No complaints from residents.


Easy to apply in all vehicles with refrigerated units, even as retrofit.

Low Maintenance

Reduces in 50% the maintenance costs, due to the use of Addvolt’s Plug-in Electrical system instead of the diesel engine for refrigeration purposes.


Real-time energy and location management dashboard. Monitoring the logistics carbon footprint. CO2 and savings report.


Perfect match with hybrid, LNG, and fully electric vehicles.

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Short-range Refrigeration
Medium-range Refrigeration
Long-range Refrigeration
Short-range Refrigeration

Plug-in Electric customized for vans

Battery pack capacity

Lithium Ion 5 to 7 kWh

Power rating

Up to 5 kW

Compliance and Safety

CE and ECE R10


1050 x 540 x 255 mm

Digital Platform



Enables day and night access to cities | Refrigeration unit independent from Vans’ engine | Ready for vehicles with start-stop system activated

Medium-range Refrigeration

Plug-in Electric suitable for trucks and containers

Battery pack capacity

Lithium Ion 7 to 19 kWh

Power rating

7 to 19 kW

Compliance and Safety

CE and ECE R10


1073 x 578 x 586 mm

Regenerative braking


Digital Platform



Reduction of transportation costs with usage of electric energy | Contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint | Less noise emission during distribution

Long-range Refrigeration

Plug-in Electric ideal for trucks, trailers and containers

Battery pack capacity

Lithium Ion 22 to 35 kWh

Power rating

Up to 19 kW

Compliance and Safety

CE and ECE R10


1248 x 578 x 586 mm

Digital Platform



Low operational costs |  Less noise from refrigeration unit | High and positive impacts on driver’s quality of life

More info

We are available to help you to reduce the transportation costs with usage of electric energy. Feel free to send us a trial request or any questions regarding our solution. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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How Much Your Company Can Save

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If AddVolt’s System was implemented in every simulation submitted, it would result in a yearly saving of

  • CO2 Emissions

  • Diesel Consumption

With AddVolt solution, your fleet will reduce per year

  • CO2 Emissions

  • Diesel Consumption

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We are really committed in empowering a sustainable goods transportation. You can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, level of noise, and CO2 emissions. Let us start working on how you can reach ZERO emissions on refrigeration of perishable goods during their distribution. Thank you!

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Our Values

AddVolt's main objective is to design reliable and sustainable solutions to improve the profitability of our clients' businesses while benefiting people and the environment. We mean to go far beyond simple electric power by equipping vehicles with sustainable, intelligent electric power. The technology we offer today accelerates the integration into the smart city as well as into decentralized and intelligent power grids. The vehicles are charged automatically and independently when the energy available in the grid is mostly from renewable and more economical sources. Our great passion for vehicles allied to our knowledge makes us the right choice to create and implement solutions that empower electric mobility.

Transparency, agility, and trustworthiness are transversal values in our DNA and distinguish our actions in 3 main areas:

Social – Creating quieter and cleaner solutions to improve drivers' and citizens' quality of life.

Environmental – Using electric and renewable energy to contribute to having eco-friendly vehicles and air quality improvement.

Economical – Offering highly efficient and reliable solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Join Our Team

Now that you know us, if you are interested in becoming part of our team, send us your updated CV and motivation to join this champion team at You can also check and apply for open job vacancies on our Linkedin.
We look forward to meeting you!

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History & Achievements


The Beginning

Founded by 4 young engineers – Bruno Azevedo, Miguel Sousa, Ricardo Soares, and Rodrigo Pires – who believe their patented technology can provide clean energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and can contribute for a better quality of life. Seed funding by 2bpartner.


Product Development

First steps into product development with the support of the transportation company Luís Simões. Training and immersion in the US, namely at the Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh vibrant entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem. This initiative was promoted by the CMU Portugal Program, funded by FCT.


1st Pilot trial on the road

AddVolt’s Plug-in Electric system reaches its first 100.000 km on road.


Deployment of the 1st AddVolt’s Plug-in Electric system

To gain traction, AddVolt’s team was able to get international funding from Abacus Alpha and Portugal Ventures. The first Plug-in Electric system was deployed.


3rd place at the Trailer Innovation Award 2019

Implementation of the Quality Management System,
ISO9001:2015, through  TÜV Rheinland.
Several vehicles in Europe use AddVolt’s Plug-in solution. 
Exhibition at the IAA 2018 in Germany. 
3rd place at the Trailer Innovation Award 2019 for Environment.
Exhibition at Intermodal Europe 2018 in the Netherlands.


Market development

Product range expansion: newly certified models are now available.
Portuguese and German markets consolidation.
Entry in the Spanish market. 
Participation in MOVE 2019, the World’s most important mobility event.
Exhibition at NUFAM 2019 in Germany.
Entry in the French Market.
Exhibition at Solutrans 2019 in France.


Scale the business

Financing from the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot project to scale our business.

Entry on the Benelux, and Scandinavia markets.

Launch of AddVolt EV Powerbank, a mobile charger for EVs.


European Market Consolidation

AddVolt in 11 European countries. 

AddVolt technology on board of Hybrid and Electric commercial vehicles.


Rua Santos Dias 1121 E5
4465-255 São Mamede de Infesta
+351 302 001 272


Am Bahnhof 15, D-67489

SMEThis project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 946688
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