AddVolt electrifies refrigeration truck of Mercedes-Benz CharterWay

2019-06-04 – AddVolt, recently placed its Plug-in Electric system in a refrigeration truck from Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, an innovative company that provides commercial vehicle fleet management services. The vehicle is available for rent in Germany, and the goal is to showcase the direct impact of AddVolt’s solution on the entire temperature-controlled supply chain.

The Problem

Daily, about 1.1 Million refrigerated trucks are out on the European roads delivering food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial goods. Those vehicles have two engines: one to move the truck and another one to operate the refrigeration unit. Both of them are powered with diesel, producing CO2 emissions and high level of noise. This leads to a high impact of air pollution in city centers, causing damage to the population and to the environment. As the dimension is global, the European Union is pressured to make significant efforts in the implementation of multiple standards and legislation to improve air quality. In Germany, for instance, 58 low-emission zones (LEZ) have already been introduced. Beyond that, 13 German cities, among them Hannover, Leipzig, and Stuttgart are being subject to a strict policy that is mostly aimed at heavy-duty vehicles, often prohibiting their operation.

The Innovation

By integrating AddVolt’s Plug-in Electric system, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is offering its customers the ability to use an innovative solution that responds to their current last mile distribution needs. The AddVolt system in place has the most powerful battery-driven unit in the market, which can be charged in any transshipment warehouse or using kinetic energy, providing full-electric refrigeration safely, without cold chain interruption. Free from polluting emissions and with a low noise level, this solution allows delivery companies to operate in LEZ zones and in areas with limited noise up to 60 dB (PIEK standard).

In order to succeed in taking root in the German market, AddVolt benefits from its strategic sales partner and installer, Kiesling Fahrzeugbau GmbH, one of the most innovative suppliers for refrigerated bodies and a longstanding partner of Mercedes-Benz CharterWay.

The Results

In April 2019, the vehicle was rented by Weihe, one of the leading wholesalers of fresh food in Berlin. In 30 days of use, the company was able to save 88% of fuel, avoided more than 1 ton. of CO2 emissions, and had a level of noise decreased bellow than 60 dB. This result underlines that night-time deliveries in urban areas 24 hours/7 days a week are possible, as well the decreased traffic and congestion while goods freshness and delivery time are optimized.

Citizens from all over the world are the direct beneficiaries of AddVolt’s technology. It makes the operation of the refrigeration unit quieter and it reduces the impact of logistics on human beings and the environment, due to the use of electric/kinetic energy.


About AddVolt

AddVolt presents the World’s 1st Plug-in Electrical system targeted for transportation markets. With a patented technology, transportation companies with refrigerated vehicles can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, the level of noise and the CO2 emissions during their operation. AddVolt creates high and positive impacts on drivers’ quality of life, while it contributes to having eco-friendly vehicles.

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About Mercedes-Benz CharterWay

Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, a Daimler group company, offers services and mobility from a single source, covering every aspect of procuring, servicing and managing commercial vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.

About Weihe

Weihe is a fresh food service provider, supplies daily from a single source in addition to fruit, vegetables and salads, drinks, dairy products, fish, delicacies and many fresh convenience products. Weihe is also the supplier and consultant to world-class hotels and restaurants, well-known department stores, caterers, food retailers, kindergartens and hospitals.



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