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Quality Policy

The AddVolt administration:

– Assumes the ambition to innovate and contribute to a more sustainable future, where entire cities are connected and where every vehicle will be used as giant mobile energy storage system;
– Reaffirms its orientation to the market and for the satisfaction of the customers’ needs and expectations;
– Ensures a close relationship with its strategical and operational partners in order to continually deliver high quality products and services;
– Listens and encourages its professionals to contribute to the company’s strategy and a sustainable growth;
Invests in the continuous improvement of the skills of its professionals and in all the factors that reinforce its implication, mobilization and performance;
– Keeps a constant concern with the company’s operational performance, recognizing the continuous improvement as a permanent goal;
– Commits to comply with regulatory requirements, legislation and regulations.

Privacy Policy

In accordance with stipulations in Law no. 67/98, 26th October, ADDVOLT respects the privacy of all participants and is committed to protecting any shared personal details.

Recording Information

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify an individual, including (but not solely) name, e-mail address, fiscal number, postal address, title, date of birth, gender, occupation, personal interests or other information necessary for ADDVOLT presents to you any proposals in the context of use of this website.

All personal information that may be requested will be for the exclusive use of ADDVOLT and may not be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of the holder.

Nevertheless, all data provided will be used to keep the person or entity that has provided updated about information that ADDVOLT considers relevant and in the interest of that person or entity, namely contact for commercial purposes and presentation of proposals.

In order to optimize the user’s experience, this website stores information in permanent cookie format, about choices of navigation. “Cookies” are software’s tags that are stored at the User’s computer through the browser, keeping information about your browsing preferences. However, the user can disable this process through the browser’s privacy settings or through the anonymous browsing mode. The navigation will not be affected. To know more about cookies please check the Information Providers Guide – The EU Internet Handbook..

Sharing Information

The information provided would not be shared with third parties without the express permission of the person or entity that has provided. The data provided is stored in controlled servers and managed by ADDVOLT, with limited access.

ADDVOLT can only give personal information to other entities if requested by court order or other authorities or, in any other cases, when it has been given previously and clear consent to this effect.

Data security

ADDVOLT uses security procedures and mechanisms in order to maintain data security. However, Although we make every effort to do so, it is not possible to ADDVOLT ensure full and absolute inviolability of the security of the information received , so it calls for careful management of the data provided.

Right of Amendment, Correction and Deletion of Data

The holder of any personal data is guaranteed the right to access, rectify, modify or remove it, in accordance with Articles 10 to 12 of Law No. 67/98, 26th October. To do so, the holder need only specifically express this in writing or in person, via the following contacts:

UPTEC, Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461 4200-135 Porto

Changes of the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be amended at any time. If the changes that occur are considerable and have implications for how the ADDVOLT uses and deals with personal data, all those involved will be informed through a warning on the homepage of the ADDVOLT’s website.


This Privacy Policy is exclusively governed by the Portuguese law. Any disputes arising out of use of this site and / or the existence, validity and admissibility of this Policy shall be referred to the competent court of the judicial district of Porto.


UPTEC - Rua Alfredo Allen,
n.º455/461 4200-135
Porto, Portugal
M: +351 220 731 373

Germany Office

UPTEC - Rua Alfredo Allen,
n.º455/461 4200-135 Porto
M: +351 220 731 373

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